This is us.

The first time I knew we would eventually fulfill our dream of opening a business was on a bus ride in Spain at about 5 am several years ago. We had already been up for hours in order to catch our bus and we were harried until we had taken our seats and we knew we could relax. Winding past the endless fields of olive trees I looked over and saw that Ian was awake too. "What you thinking about?" I asked. "A business idea,” he said. And that's exactly what I was thinking about. That morning we shared our thoughts and ideas like we had a million times before on long drives, at coffee shops, or over ice cream cones. Whenever we were in a place that inspired us or eating something truly wonderful, we would dream. But this time I knew that it wasn't just a dream. Because who does that at 5 am? I knew it was a passion; and when you have a real passion, it's only a matter of time before it must become reality or you'll explode or something. Or maybe just die.

Between the two of us, we had traveled in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Central America, and lived in several States, never really finding home. In 2011 we moved temporarily (haha) to Kansas to spend some time with family and get some more schooling. Home kind of snuck up on us somewhere in the last 4 years and we can't really imagine leaving. 

Wichita has it's charms but we still find ourselves craving some of the delicacies from our wanderings. Like ice cream. We spent our first married year in Columbus, Ohio and were smitten by a local artisan ice cream shop. Every special occasion, date night, out of town visitor, or bad day, was a good reason for taking advantage of having our favorite ice cream at our fingertips. So we got our butts in line and ate it up until we moved away and mourned the loss of our favorite pastime.

We comforted ourselves by taking up coffee. Ian started roasting at home, immersing himself in learning the trade and serving up some delicious brew. In no time, we recognized a deep love and connection. Ian has been roasting ever since. 

Coffee and ice cream, ice cream and coffee we couldn’t shake the dream. So one year for Ian's birthday we bought the best ice cream machine we could afford and started making the kind of ice cream we loved most: full of flavor, not just sugar, made with the best ingredients we could get our hands on. Every once in awhile we would give a friend a taste and we kept hearing the same thing, "This is the best ice cream I've ever had! When are you opening an ice cream shop?” 

In the middle of the summer of 2014 we discovered we were pregnant. We would go for walks in our beloved neighborhood, Riverside, and dream of ice cream and coffee and our baby. We had a feeling that the baby was a lion, full of courage. We would talk about how we imagined this lion growing up and how we wanted to be models of courage and bravery, living out of our true selves, blazing the way for her to pursue her dreams. Late last March Florence Monroe was born. Some of her first sounds were little lion roars, so the connection was sealed. After late nights of trying to get her to sleep we would crash on the couch and enjoy a scoop of ice cream as our reward for all our hard work. It became a little tradition, a part of the day we really looked forward to.

That's what we want our ice cream to be for people. To get excited about when it's time to celebrate. To provide some comfort on a bad day. A reward after accomplishing a goal. The best part of having a birthday. The perfect partner for a truly good cup of coffee.

The more we make ice cream the more we want to share it with everyone. So that's what we are doing. We mustered up the courage to drain our savings and buy a commercial ice cream maker and a cart to serve it from. We'll be popping up at events around Wichita, sharing our treats with everyone we can. We have lots of ideas for other ways our ice cream might bring joy to hearts, so sign up for our newsletter here, or keep track of us on the social media for updates as we grow.